Board of Directors

A board of directors leads the foundation, representative of the public and the communities in a defined service area of the Red Bud Regional Hospital.

The current board members are:

  • President, Stephanie Liefer
  • Vice President, Pat Ramsey
  • Secretary, S. Barbara Jean Franklin, ASC
  • Treasurer, Carl Gross
  • Susan Harbaugh
  • Susie Harms
  • Julie Hudson
  • Barbara Koester
  • Tim Lowry
  • Jane Lucht
  • Shane Watson, CEO Red Bud Regional Hospital
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Those who have served as a board members since 2004:

  • Wayne Collmeyer
  • Ernest Doiron
  • Claude Easter
  • Keni Farris
  • Sister Ann Frances Gross
  • Loren Harms
  • Harlow Herman
  • John Huetsch
  • Dian Keil
  • Ann Laurent
  • Sister Stephanie Mertens
  • Charles Mudd
  • Michael Reed
  • Sandy Stolte
  • Hospital CEOs: Steve Nagle, Bob Moore, Bob Honeycutt, Mike McManus